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How is a Zoe Club partner different from a CDM partner?

Zoe Club partners are committed to giving $25 or more each month for 12 months. CDM partners are committed to giving any amount for any length of time. As a result of their commitment, Zoe Club partners will receive teachings, letters, and online classes targeting kingdom principles for financial “freedom.” CDM partners receive monthly partner letters that contain information on various topics, including finances, healing, spiritual growth, etc.

Can I sign up for both?
Yes. In fact, we encourage supporters to be Zoe partners as well as CDM Partners.

What are the benefits of being a Zoe Club partner?
As a Zoe Club partner, Creflo Dollar is committed each month to:

  • Write a personal impartation letter to you on biblical principles of prosperity.
  • Send one CD message from the Prosperity Treasure Chest.
  • Send two Kingdom Keys to the Prosperous Life to meditate on.
  • Grant Zoe partners private online access to information from the School of Prosperity.
  • Send you a certificate of membership.

In addition, Creflo Dollar will faithfully pray for Zoe Club partners to receive the harvest that comes as a result of supporting the kingdom agenda of this ministry.

What is the School of Prosperity?
School of prosperity is an online course designed to teach you how to fulfill your God-given destiny—to be a blessing to others and by being His distribution center.

How are my Zoe Club Partner funds utilized?
All Outreach funds go to helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making a mark that cannot be erased!   

Do I have to pay to join?
Commit to give $25 or more per month for 12 months.

Will I receive any information in the mail when I sign up?
Yes, you will receive a Welcome kit 10-15 business days after signing up.

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