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What Is Zoe Club Partnership Level?

Zoe is a Greek word meaning life.

Zoe Partners are committed to partnering with Creflo Dollar Ministries by faithfully giving $25 or more every month for one
year to minister life to people of every nation around the world.

Zoe partners help to support the Gospel around the world monthly by faithfully establishing the mission of Creflo Dollar Ministries: loving people and changing lives.

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Creflo Dollar

My Commitment to You

I, Creflo Dollar, personally commit to become somewhat of a coach to Zoe Club partners, coaching you in achieving financial prosperity based on my 31 years of experience in the area of prosperity.
You will receive monthly teachings on financial prosperity based on principles from the Word of God. Once a month for a twelve-month period, I will also:

•  Write a personal impartation letter to you on biblical principles of prosperity.

•  Send one CD message from the Prosperity Treasure Chest.

•  Send two Kingdom Keys to the Prosperous Life to meditate on.

•  Grant Zoe partners private access to information from the school of prosperity.

• Send a VIP invitation to Zoe partners for any meet and greet fellowship or impartations
   exclusive to Zoe partners ONLY.

•  Send you a certificate of membership.

In addition, I will faithfully pray for my Zoe partners to receive the harvest that comes as a result of supporting the kingdom agenda of this ministry.

Pray about becoming Zoe Club Partner. If you decide to do so, please complete and sign the Zoe Club Partnership Level application, and I will send you a welcome package. Let’s give life to a dying world and make a mark that cannot be erased.

“ Understanding Grace | Empowering Change ”  

Your Commitment




‘My heart breaks when I know that lives need to be impacted with the Gospel but financial limitations sometimes prevent the life-changing Gospel from impacting the lives of those who really need it most.

I believe that God has already provided everything needed to provide this Gospel to the world.
I also believe that God has equipped a certain group of people with the means necessary to provide
finances to spread the Gospel.

The battle between light and darkness is about to intensify, and it’s time to gather financial warriors together who will be committed to providing the finances necessary to ensure that the victory Jesus has already won is revealed to the world. We are not fighting for victory but from victory that Jesus has already obtained.

I believe that there are 100,000 Zoe partners who are equipped to help me reveal this victory to the world through an enlightenment
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Help me to reach this world for Christ. Help me to preach this Gospel to a dark and dying world.

Through your commitment to Zoe partnership, we can make a mark that will never be erased. Thank you for hearing my heart
and for your prayerful consideration to become a part of this end- time army of light.’ - Creflo Dollar